1. MISCELINEA [Modern Jazz Flamenco World] by Rafa Redondo & Antonio del Caño [RAZZ] with Javier Rabadán, David Pastor, David León, Pedro Cortejosa, Matias López, Sergio de Lope, Isi Ruiz
    RAZZ - Rafa Redondo & Antonio del Caño

  2. CON TANTA TENEREZZA [Classical World Guitar] by Ausias Parejo with Ruben Parejo and Guest Jazz Artists: Ximo Tebar and Victor Mendoza
    Ausias Parejo

  3. CON ALMA & UNITED [2018] [Mainstream Progressive Jazz Standards] by Ximo Tebar with Nathaniel Townsley, Arturo O'Farrill, Jorge Pardo, Alex Blake, Donald Edwards...
    Ximo Tebar

  4. SKETCH [Modern Hard Bop] by Dave Schnnitter with James Zollar, Thomas Bramerie, Jimmy Madison
    Dave Schniiter

  5. XIMO TEBAR "THE JAZZ GUITAR TRIOS COLLECTION" [4 Cd's - 31 Tracks] with Joey DeFrancesco, Dr. Lonnie Smith, Lou Bennett, Idris Muhammad, Billy Brooks and Lou Donaldson
    Ximo Tebar

  6. ARMAGEDON [Modern Jazz] by David Pastor with Jim Ridl, Darryl Hall, Donald Edwards, Ximo Tebar
    David Pastor

  7. A JAZZY WORLD CHRISTMAS [Innovative Celebration Of Christmas Music] by Ximo Tebar with Maria de Medeiros, Miles Griffith, JD Walter, Ester Andújar, Thais Morell, Antonio Serrano, Jim Ridl, John Benitez, Donald Edwards...
    Ximo Tebar

  8. CELEBRATING COLE PORTER [New Cole Porter Readings] by Ester Andújar with Ben Street, Adam Cruz, Peter Berstein JD Walter, Helen Sung, Ximo Tebar and Rob Bargad
    Ester Andujar

  9. SIX HOURS LATER [Modern Jazz] by Roque Martínez with Jim Ridl, Donald Edwards, Jerry González, Darryl Hall, Debra Feliú, Ximo Tebar, Yoel Paez, Juan Mungia, Julio Montalvo...
    Roque Martinez

  10. SOLEO [The New Son Mediterraneo Celebrating 25th] Jazz with sea flavor by Ximo Tebar with Orrin Evans, John Benitez, Donald Edwards...
    Ximo Tebar

    David Pastor & Nu-Roots

  12. PÁGINAS PRECIOSAS [World Jazz] by Ester Andújar with Donald Edwards, Cesar Giner, Ximo Tebar, Manuel Hamerlink, Stefan Brown, Edmundo Carneiro...
    Ester Andujar

  13. [2 CD'S] "STEPS" & "ECLIPSE" [Progressive Jazz] by Ximo Tebar with Dave Samuels, Anthony Jackson, Orrin Evans, Jim Ridl, Boris Kozlov, Donald Edwards, Alex Blake...
    Ximo Tebar

  14. CELEBRATING ERIK SATIE [Creative arrangements and improvisations over Erik Satie compositions] by Ximo Tebar with Orrin Evans, Sean Jones, Robin Eubanks, Boris Kozlov...
    Ximo Tebar

  15. BODY & SOUL [Vocal Jazz] by Tolejazz with Ricardo Belda, Luis Llario, Felip Santandreu, Ramón Cardo

  16. ENGANXATS A MONK [Brass Ensemble] by David Pastor & Back to Brass
    David Pastor & Back to Brass

  17. STRINGWORKS [Jazz with strings] by David Pastor and Strings Orchestra
    David Pastor

  18. INTRODUCING [Jazz] First album by David Pastor with Brian Trainor, Richie Ferrer, Jeff Jerolamon
    David Pastor

  19. EMBRUJADO [Smooth Jazz] Masterpiece of pure craftsmanship aimed at all types of public
    Ximo Tebar

  20. EL PRINCIPIO [Modern Jazz] by Ricardo Belda with Donald Edwards, Luis Llario, Joan Soler, Ester Andújar
    Ricardo Belda

  21. MY IDEAL [Jazz] by Ricardo Belda, Luis Llario, Felipe Cucciardi
    Ricardo Belda

  22. CAMINS DISPARS [Vanguard Jazz] by David Pastor & Pere Foved
    David Pastor & Pere Foved

  23. TRISTEZA DE AMAR [Vocal Jazz] First album by Ester Andujar with Albert Sanz, Pere Loewe, Esteve Pi, Joan Soler, Ximo Tebar, Carlos Martin
    Ester Andujar

  24. TRILOBYTES [Jazz] by Jorge Varela
    Jorge Varela

  25. [2 CD'S] "ALUPAP" & "WAIT WALKING" [Hard Bop] by Ernie Orts with Roger Mas, Ignasi Zamora, Alex Ventura [16 Tracks]
    Ernie Orts

  26. [2 CD'S] "INNSBRUCK" & "LILES" [Jazz] by Amadeu Adell [17 Tracks]
    Amadeu Adell

  27. WORLD MUSIC FROM VALENCIA [Jazz & World Music] Compilation by Ester Andujar, Kiko Berenguer, Eva Denia, Ximo Tebar, David Pastor, Kuami Mensha, Thaïs Morell, Jerez Texas, Aboo Zeze Asimewole [FREE DOWNLOAD]
    Various Artists


Omix Records Valencia, Spain

Omix Records, fulfills the mission of documenting the contemporary jazz, classical, and world music scene.

Created in 2001, it has become one of the favorites of jazz fans, something that has been achieved with an exquisite care of their editions, that is, recording some of the best musicians and vocalists, and doing it according to exclusively artistic criteria.
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